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Recording Trip to Ryukyu Islands

This summer I will travel to Okinawa. Mina Mermoud, a great singer and sanshin Player, who grew up in Okinawa will join me. Together we will meet with the sanshin legend Mr. Tetsuhiro Daiku. He will introduce us to some traditional musicians of three different islands.
Later on I will work on a new album combining my type of music with the Okinawa field recordings and Minas Singing and Sanshin playing.
The Project is supported by the Goethe-Institut.

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  1. Posted 31 Aug ’12 at 12:27 | Permalink

    Dear Sven,
    What about this trip in Ryukyu Islands?
    I just can’t wait to hear that. We really enjoy to play your music at the radio. Anything planned in France? Do you have a booker or something like this?
    all the best,


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